Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enemas of the false prophet

They said terrible things about "prophecies" have not been fulfilled, saying that his ministry was promised to be visited by Jesus Christ himself said (the false prophet Benny Hinn) person that Jesus had appeared in one of the balconies its most luxurious temple say that the Holy Spirit told them that Jesus himself was appearing in Muslim countries to preach the same where the missionaries could not reach; cursed those who publicly oppose their false anointing offered (this is seen in video) heroin to one of his aides, his colleagues say two died from overdoses and these are allegations and a film where the false prophet are inviting drug and one of his collaborators consuming. We invite you to watch this video on a TV show but the false prophet does not attend, then the collaborator dies from overdose; works signs in satanic cults, their clothes, cars and homes are lustful, and also the wife of false prophet recommends enemas ...

We present in this post two videos that cause us embarrassment:

Benny Hinn and his relationship with drugs

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