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Irish Media Choose their "Child Vaccine Scandal"

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In Ireland, apparently, a story only qualifies as a 'Vaccine Scandal' if it relates to a 'trial' vaccine, preferably from 40-50 years ago, and the words 'vaccine' and 'injury' are not associated in any way.

Last weekend saw saturation coverage on a 'Child Vaccine Scandal' from the early 1960's involving vaccine trials carried out without parental consent in Irish church-run children's homes.
The Irish Independent ran three articles over four days (here, here, and here).
The Irish Times also ran two frontpage pieces on the same weekend (here and here).

The articles were triggered by the revelation that a number of victims, who now live in the US, are preparing a class action suit in the US courts (against the Pharma company responsible for the drug trials) because repeated attempts to seek justice in Ireland have failed.

Such headlines might seem to signify a new willingness on the part of the Irish Media to investigate stories of vaccine damaged Irish children, but in reality these articles are framed in terms of a religious-order-child-abuse context and do not involve proven cases of vaccine injury. The Irish Times qualifies it's reporting on this latest scandal, stating " It is understood that none of the children who were given the experimental vaccine were damaged by it".

The main Irish media organs are notoriously averse to reporting on the unsavory history of catastrophic injury and death from mass vaccination in Ireland . Apparently, based on this latest example, a story only qualifies as a 'Vaccine Scandal' if it relates to a 'trial' vaccine, preferably from 40-50 years ago, and the words 'vaccine' and 'injury' are not associated in any way.
Thus, there have been no media-declared vaccine scandals in recent memory (in spite of the recent Irish swine flu mass vaccination program using a vaccine laced with Squalene & Mercury ).

'Top 3' Print Media's Coverage of Vaccine Damage in Ireland
On 17 Nov 2009 the Department of Health published a report from a Vaccine Damage Steering Group regarding retrospective payments for children who suffer severe damage as a result of a vaccine adverse reaction.
The news of the Steering Group's publication was ignored by The Independent and
The Herald .
The Irish Times did report on it , although confined largely to the payment conditions surrounding the proposed no-fault scheme, and with no reference to the state's indecent history of disassociation from children who were severely injured by vaccination programs actively promoted by the state.
Rather than revealing the true numbers of severly injured children involved, the article associates the vaccine damage issue as relating to a mere handful of cases:
"There are three cases alleging vaccine damage with the State Claims Agency and two with the Irish Public Bodies insurance company".
Incredibly, in a Kafkaesque final paragraph, the only
compensation claim example cited by the article relates to proposing payment to those who failed to receive a vaccination :
"One submission to the steering group from the faculty of paediatrics at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland said the group might need to consider compensation for children who contracted TB in Cork in 2007 when immunisations were not offered by the HSE".
No references are made to any vaccine scandal which directly relates to the subject of the report - such as the severe brain damage suffered by infants from the 3-in-1 DPT whooping cough vaccine of the 1960s and 1970s. Instead we get misdirection and
"Doublespeak" ("two contradictory concepts juxtaposed against each other to create deep confusion in the hearer for the purpose of producing inaction and apathy" - from the novel '1984').

Some Truth sees Some Light..
Some truth did see some light however (regarding above Steering Group Report) - the fourth largest national daily paper by circulation*,
The Irish Examiner (whose readership base is located in the south of the country) produced a more revealing article :
"At least a third of the 125 vaccine damage claims made to the Department of Health prior to the report alleged severe mental or physical disability. In the submissions, seen by the Irish Examiner, a litany of mental and physical handicaps are cited, with at least a third of those relating to serious brain damage and/or physical handicap".

Getting back to the original vaccine trials story from this weekend, one politician [Fine Gael Deputy Denis Naughten]
did acknowledge the duplicity of a media reporting intensively on one 'non-injurious' Vaccine Scandal (i.e the issue ostensibly being that no parental consent was obtained) while a conspiracy of silence existed surrounding those who subsequently suffered severe injuries when these same vaccines were later approved.
"Mr Naughten said Minister for Health Mary Harney must belatedly act on the report Vaccine Damage Steering Group, which proposed a mechanism to support those who were profoundly brain damaged by the State vaccination programme. "These victims in their 30s and early 40s have been left without many of the supports they require, and their elderly parents have been forced to fight for even the most basic services," he said. "It is about time we take moral responsibility and acknowledge that what went on in the past was wrong. We now need to take care of those who were damaged by State-promoted vaccination programmes rather than trying to hide the truth away in a dark corner."

Such comments are indeed adventurous where a politician can be openly vilified if perceived to be making vaccine-unfriendly statements (witness the "unfit for office" reaction contained in this Herald 'opinion' piece over one politician's admission to not vaccinating) .

Sympathetic words...
To date, the modest recommendations of the Vaccine Damage Steering Group 2009 report have still to be acted on (€15,000 payment for minor damage, €75,000 for moderate and €200,000 for severe damage). One reason for government reluctance may have to do with having to accept a recognition (however qualified) that injury can result from any vaccine :
"these payments should not be regarded as compensation but as recognition that, in limited cases, an adverse event could take place following immunisation and that on the balance of probability, damage occurred as a result".
In it's submission to the Steering Group Report (p.32),the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association – which represents the major vaccine firms - said it was “very sympathetic to the tragic plight of any person who is thought to be damaged by vaccines". However, it added: “It would neither be appropriate nor fair to expect vaccine companies to help fund such a scheme".

*For recent circulation
figures on Irish national Newspapers, see here.

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