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Illuminatis Attacks: "Daily Telegraph" warned

One of the characteristics of those who have come to power of mega corporations, the governments in power, the planet's biggest trial of religions more "lofty" (poor, do not know what to expect!); through different media is to warn those who have plans and they will try to implement in the coming years.
It is known, although most ignore it-that the next time there will be chaos on earth as never was.
We say this even though unaware and / or treat us like blind soothsayers or "frightening" if we say so.
Our belief and our purpose is not to scare anyone but to warn how Christ taught us when he said that all these things would happen, adding: "Behold, as I have said before ..."

The next time we do not know when there will be a chaos of a planned chaos that have a global scope. Accompanied by a global war and terror across the globe.
The Daily Telegraph, "probably" taken "by these forerunners of the antichrist-warned us that some years ago, and Satanists who are behind these plans we were told by a macabre game of cards called" INWO ( Illuminatis New Word Order) who would perform the autoatentado of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.
Few at this stage may believe their stupid arguments to justify such barbarism.

The wretches who created the ghoulish game "INWO" warned the attack on the twin towers and the Pentagon.

Towers attack published years before it happened the autoatentado of 2.001. Notice the "game" macabre


Attack on the Pentagon published years before it happened the autoatentado of 2.001. Notice the "game" macabre.

11/09/2.001 the Pentagon for a "plane" which never existed. ¡¡¿¿??!!

One of the letters dark yet carried forward from their dirty hands is a combined terrorist attack in major cities around the globe.

Perhaps we think that this is madness and that man is not capable of these things with a simplicity that overrides the experience empirically as shown by our humanity. The truth is, and unfortunately there on 11 September 2001 might be that this letter we anticipate in this macabre game became reality.
El Salvador Jesus of Nazareth said something that comes to mind when we are on these lines and is as follows: "... and there will be great earthquakes and in various places famines and pestilences and fearful sights and great signs will be in heaven." Luke 21: 11.
"There will be terror ..." said in his infinite wisdom and prophecy, and coming back to our mind that those who want to establish a New World Order many times they look through the theory of Hegel: thesis - antithesis - synthesis.
Implemented, if someone wanted to introduce a system of government unique in the world should first prove that the current one is not. And to do these heinous as this will not be seen contemplations, generate first the problem, then wait for the reaction and will the "fix" the problems they generated.
To ensure "peace" (peace of the graveyard) before generate terror, so that the world desperately seek the solution in a false savior, iniquitous and a deficit that will be the antichrist.
What is the utility this entry? For what are these writings? Why spend time with this? The answer is very simple from one who writes what he writes: It's because what is happening already announced by the Word of God and His Son Jesus Christ and because He announced that "... I tell you before it happens, so that when it happens, believe that I am ... " John 13: 19
This entry is to reflect on our own lives, so if he never read the Bible you do today, to be read and to believe in Jesus Christ and be saved. Lest you think this is born, pass and die for nothing. This does not end here because "... as it is appointed for men to die once, and after this trial ..." Hebrews 9: 27.

This world is temporarily in the hands of Satan and it moves through its servants worldwide. Servants also temporarily hold the power to decide war and other suffering mankind, a mystery.
It is highly likely to generate excessive terror in the relatively near future to carry out his ultimate plan: to crown the antichrist, his god.

That possibility began to manage it from the Daily Telegraph, though it may seem incredible from this influential English newspaper warning of their diabolical plans. They made up a game mode and is called Blackjack Telegraph. See the link above on the same page of the newspaper.

Video "Operation Blackjack"

Believe in Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 55:6
Make search for the Lord while he is there, make prayer to him while he is near:
Isaiah 55:7
Let the sinner give up his way, and the evil-doer his purpose: and let him come back to the Lord, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for there is full forgiveness with him.

John 3:16
For God had such love for the world that he gave his only Son so that whoever has faith in him may not come to destruction but have eternal life

God bless you!

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